• The Versatility and Durability of Stainless Steel Sheet

    The Versatility and Durability of Stainless Steel Sheet

    Stainless steel sheets are a versatile and durable material that is used in a wide range of applications across various industries. From industrial manufacturing to household appliances, stainless steel sheets offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for many projects. One of the k...
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  • What Is 347 Stainless Steel: Composition, Applications, and Benefits

    What Is 347 Stainless Steel: Composition, Applications, and Benefits

    347 stainless steel is a high-temperature stable and corrosion-resistant steel, known for its excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. It is used in manufacturing equipment and components in chemical, petroleum, medical, and food industries. This article will introduce the e...
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  • The Versatility and Advantages of Stainless Steel Strips

    In the realm of metals, stainless steel has always taken the spotlight for its exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Its many applications across various industries have made it an indispensable material. Among its numerous forms, the stainless steel strip stands out...
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  • Overview of 410 Stainless Steel: Properties and Applications

    Overview of 410 Stainless Steel: Properties and Applications

    410 stainless steel is a common ferritic stainless steel, primarily composed of iron, carbon, chromium, and a small amount of other elements such as manganese, silicon, molybdenum, etc. The elemental composition is as follows 410 Stainless Steel Elemental Composition Iron (Fe): Balance Carbon ...
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  • Fragile hopes for rebound appear in China’s STS CR coils market

    Chinese stainless steel market got some positive signals recently, which caused a futures increase in late October. However, physical prices are yet actually to rebound. The latest export offers for 304 2B CR coils (2 mm) have been heard at around USD 2,100-2,200/t FOB on Monday, October 30. It w...
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  • STS output cuts to intensify in China in November

    Chinese stainless steel makers were reducing production in October, but the decline was not enough to support the market prices. As a result, mills scheduled more output reductions for November. According to information from twelve key producers in the country, STS production was reduced by 190 k...
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  • YUSCO and Walsin drop 300-series prices for November

    Two major Taiwanese stainless steel makers announced significantly lower prices for 300 series products but kept offers stable for 200 and 400 series. Walsin Lihwa and YUSCO both voiced a TWD 1,500/t (USD 46/t) decline in 304 product prices for November, while 316L grade offers fell by TWD 4,000/...
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  • Indian STS longs makers forced to keep cutting output in November

    Indian producers of stainless steel longs are forced to keep cutting output in November despite a sharp decline in October. Weak demand in the EU and high stocks weigh on the mills. Indian STS longs makers, who always depend on exports, experienced a significant cooling down of buying interest am...
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  • Indian STS scrap prices dive again on weak steel demand

    Indian scrap prices kept moving down in early November. Weak finished steel demand continued to push raw material quotes down. However, some hopes for a rebound have risen in the market. The import offer price range decreased by USD 70/t from mid-October to USD 1,300-1,350/t CFR on November 9. Th...
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  • Indonesian STS exports down on weaker Asian markets in September

    Indonesian stainless steel exports dropped in September on weaker sentiment in local Asian market, mainly in China. The most significant decline was seen in exports of semis. In September, Indonesian STS exports fell by 17% to 316.5 kt over the month. In an annual comparison, the volume was reduc...
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  • Taiwanese net STS imports still on rise in September

    Low profitability and weak demand for Taiwanese stainless steel made local producers use more imported materials, which are more effective in terms of costs. Taiwan exported almost 68 kt of STS products in September, down 12% over the month. However, imports hiked by 9% m-o-m to 108 kt. Thus, Tai...
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  • SeAH Metal to shutdown wire production

    SeAH Metal, the unit of the major Korean steel group SeAH Holdings, is going to close its stainless steel wire business by the end of this year due to low competitiveness. SeAH Metal will fully stop operations of its wire making unit since January 2024, the company representative confirmed to SMR...
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