Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Coil

Duplex 2205, a nitrogen-enhanced stainless steel, developed specifically to address the pitfalls of the 300 series stainless steels. As a leading provider of 2205 materials, we excel in offering specialized services and an extensive array of stocks.

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong ,China(Mainland)
  • Payment Term: L/C At Sight 100%, T/T 30%
  • Delivery Time: Stock goods 7-15 days, Future goods within 25 days
  • Package Detail : Standard Sea-Worthy Packing
  • Price Term: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
  • Sample: Free
  • Mill Origin: Tisco, Posco, Aoxing, etc.
  • Certificate: SGS, BV, IQI, TUV, ISO, etc
  • Grade : Grade 2205, SS 2377, Inox 1.4462, AISI 2205, SUS 329J3L, 1.4462, UNS S31803, Acero 2205
  • Finish: 2B, No.1, 1D, 2D, BA+PVC, No.4+PVC, Hairline+PVC, 8K/No.8, etc.
  • Thickness: 0.22-15.0mm
  • Width: 20-1540mm
  • Weight Per Coil: 5/10/20MT or customized
  • Stainless Steel Coil Edge: Slit Edge/ Mill Edge
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    What is Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel?

    SUS 304 Mirror 8K Stainless Steel Coil (3)

    Duplex 2205 stainless steel, often identified as alloy S32205 or S31803, is a distinct blend that combines 22% chromium, 2.5% molybdenum, and 4.5% nickel-nitrogen. This unique composition grants it extraordinary strength, superior impact toughness, and high resistance to various forms of corrosion, including stress corrosion, surpassing the capabilities of typical austenitic steels like 316L. Its enhanced yield strength enables the construction of lighter, yet robust, engineering solutions, providing significant advantages, particularly in designs that demand both strength and corrosion resistance.

    The term 'duplex' refers to its two-phase microstructure, incorporating both austenitic and ferritic characteristics. This balanced microstructure, with 40-50% ferrite in the annealed state, delivers a synergy of the ferritic alloy's high strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance with the austenitic alloy's superior fabrication and corrosion resistance properties. As the most prevalent grade within the duplex stainless steel category, 2205 is designed for operation in temperatures up to 600°F, optimizing its use within a range of -50°F to +600°F. However, its performance at elevated temperatures should be carefully considered, especially for welded components, to prevent any potential embrittlement or degradation in properties.

    Features of Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Coil

    Exceptional Strength: Duplex 2205 stands out with a yield strength more than double that of traditional austenitic stainless steels, providing the flexibility for innovative, thinner designs in pressure vessels and tanks, thereby enabling cost efficiency without compromising on safety or performance.

    Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance: This alloy excels in resisting stress corrosion cracking, especially in chloride-laden environments, outmatching the performance of austenitic varieties and ensuring reliability where such corrosion typically poses risks.

    Superior Corrosion Resistance: Demonstrating enhanced resistance against various corrosive media, Duplex 2205 surpasses 316L and can replace higher alloyed austenitics and even some nickel-based alloys, particularly in acidic conditions like acetic and formic acids.

    Local Corrosion Resistance: With advanced wear and localized corrosion resistance, including fatigue resistance, it offers an enduring solution in harsh environments, setting a new standard for durability in challenging conditions.

    Thermal Expansion: Its low coefficient of thermal expansion, similar to carbon steel, allows for harmonious integration with carbon steel parts, facilitating innovative engineering solutions, especially in composite structures.

    Energy Absorption: Showcasing exceptional energy absorption under dynamic and static loads, Duplex 2205 provides enhanced safety benefits, vital for protecting structures against unexpected high-energy scenarios such as impacts or blasts, enhancing its value in critical applications.

    Duplex 2205 Chemical Composition & Technical Data Sheet

    2205 Stainless Steel Standards Comparison

    2205 2205 S31803 S32205 022Cr23Ni5Mo3N 1.4462 X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 03Х22Н5АМ3 2377 SUS 329J3L

    2205 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

    Grade Standard Chemical Composition(%)
    C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo N
    2205 ASTM A240 ≤0.03 ≤1.00 ≤2.00 ≤0.030 ≤0.020 22.00~23.00 4.50~6.50 3.00~3.50 0.14~0.20

    2205 Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties

    Grade Standard Tensile Test Hardness Test
    0.2% Y.S(Mpa) T.S(Mpa) Elongation(%) Hardness HV
    2205 ASTM ≥450 ≥620 ≥18 Annealed ≤320

    2205 Stainless Steel Finish & Application

    SUS 304 Mirror 8K Stainless Steel Coil (1)

    Duplex 2205 stainless steel is engineered for demanding applications where its unique properties are essential. Its widespread use across various industries includes:

    Chemical Processing Equipment: Utilized in pressure vessels, tanks, piping, and heat exchangers due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and strength even in aggressive chemical environments.

    Oil and Gas Industry: Essential for exploration and processing apparatus, including piping, tubing, and heat exchangers, where durability under high-stress and corrosive conditions is critical.

    Marine Applications: Ideal for use in high chloride settings, offering superior resistance to the corrosive effects of seawater.

    Pollution Control: Employed in effluent scrubbing systems that demand high corrosion resistance to withstand harsh treatment environments.

    Pulp and Paper Manufacturing: Used in digesters, bleaching equipment, and stock-handling systems, benefiting from its corrosion resistance and strength.

    Transport Containers: Applied in cargo tanks for ships and trucks, providing safety and reliability for transporting chemicals or food products.

    Food Processing Equipment: Suitable for applications requiring a hygienic surface that withstands both corrosive food substances and frequent cleaning.

    Biofuel Production: Utilized within biofuels plants, where components require materials resistant to the corrosive substances involved in the production process.

    Duplex 2205's versatile nature makes it a preferred choice for applications that need to balance strength, durability, and corrosion resistance in challenging environments.

    2205 Stainless Steel Coil Package & Loading Details

    201 stainless steel coil packing detail
    201 stainless steel coil packing 1
    201 stainless steel coil packing 2

    Why Choose Us?


    We are the cold-rolled stainless steel coil production base in China with 200,000 tons capacity annually.

    1. Guaranteed Stock Availability: Experiencing stock shortages during crucial times can hinder your projects. Our robust inventory management ensures a consistent supply, ready to dispatch large quantities swiftly, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

    2. Comprehensive Range of Specifications: Finding the exact stainless steel coil specifications can be challenging. We offer a diverse range of specs, ensuring you find precisely what your project demands, with the assurance of our commitment to meeting your specific needs.

    3. Customized Material Processing: Custom processing needs can be demanding. Our advanced facilities provide tailored solutions, from precise dimension alterations to specific finish treatments, ensuring your requirements are met with utmost precision.

    4. Accurate Shearing Services: Precision is key in stainless steel utilization, and our expert shearing services guarantee exactness in every cut, aligning perfectly with your specifications and quality expectations.

    5. Cost-effectiveness is crucial in supplier selection. Our optimized procurement and cost-efficient processes ensure you receive not just premium-quality products but also the best prices, offering exceptional value for your investment.


    2205 Stainless Steel Coil FAQ

    1. Can you provide custom 2205 alloy?

    Absolutely, we tailor 2205 stainless steel to your needs, ensuring your specifications for thickness, width, and physical properties are met.


    2. What's the delivery timeline?

    Quick delivery for trial orders within a week, while regular orders range from 7-30 days.


    3. How do you guarantee your duplex 2205 product quality?

    Our 2205 material undergo rigorous inspections during manufacturing, cutting, and packaging to ensure the highest quality. And SS2205 mill test certificate is also provided.


    4. Can I get some alloy 2205 samples?

    We can provide alloy 2205 samples for you to check the quality. Sample is free and you just pay the freight.


    5. What is the difference between Duplex 2205 stainless steel vs 316L?

    When evaluating Duplex 2205 stainless steel against 316L, the key differentiators are their corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Duplex 2205 is superior in resisting corrosion and provides greater strength and toughness compared to 316L stainless steel, making it ideal for challenging environments that demand these enhanced properties.

    While 2205 typically comes at a higher cost due to its advanced capabilities, it's often the preferred choice for applications that require excellent corrosion resistance combined with high mechanical strength. On the other hand, 316L stainless steel may be a cost-effective alternative when the environmental conditions demand moderate corrosion resistance and the project budget is a significant constraint, offering a balanced performance at a more affordable price point.


    6. What is the difference between Duplex 2205 stainless steel vs 904L?

    The comparison between Duplex 2205 stainless steel and 904L stainless steel revolves around their corrosion resistance, strength, cost, and suitability for various temperature ranges. While 904L offers corrosion resistance on par with many super duplex stainless steels and excels in environments containing sulphuric acid, especially when compared to alloys like Ferralium 255 which contains 2% copper, it stands out due to its operational versatility across a broad temperature spectrum. It remains tough at sub-zero temperatures and avoids phase degradation at higher temperatures.

    904L, being an austenitic steel, is inherently more costly than duplex steels like 2205 due to its higher alloying content. It’s particularly beneficial for applications beyond the typical temperature limits of super duplex steels, offering reliable performance below -50°C and above 250°C without compromising its structural integrity.

    In contrast, Duplex 2205 provides a cost-effective solution with its significant strength that allows for the use of thinner sections to achieve similar structural performance. This attribute, coupled with its cost efficiency, often makes it the preferred option for projects where the operating temperature and extreme corrosion resistance are not critical constraints.

    In essence, the choice between Duplex 2205 and 904L stainless steel hinges on the specific application requirements, considering factors like temperature conditions, strength needs, and budget constraints. While 2205 may often be the optimal choice for cost-sensitive and high-strength-required applications, 904L's exceptional resistance and stability in extreme temperatures make it suitable for specialized scenarios where higher costs are justified.


    7. How to choose a 2205 duplex stainless steel supplier?

    Selecting a supplier for 2205 duplex stainless steel coils involves a series of steps to ensure quality and reliability:

    Research Suppliers: Utilize online resources to identify reputable suppliers specializing in stainless steel, focusing on those with a strong industry presence and positive reviews.

    Engage with Suppliers: Contact the suppliers to discuss their 2205 stainless steel coil offerings, including specifications, pricing, and availability. Consider requesting samples for quality assessment.

    Assess Credibility: Evaluate the suppliers' credibility by reviewing their business credentials, certifications, and customer feedback, ensuring they adhere to industry standards and best practices.

    Compare Quotations: Solicit and compare quotes from various suppliers, clarifying your specific needs such as quantity, specifications, and delivery details to make an informed decision.

    Verify Quality Assurance: Investigate the suppliers' quality control processes and request relevant test reports or certifications to confirm the coils meet your required standards.

    Negotiate Terms: Discuss and negotiate key terms, including pricing, delivery, and payment conditions, ensuring they align with your requirements.

    Order Placement: Finalize the purchase by confirming the order details, such as the coil specifications, quantities, and agreed terms.

    Arrange Payment: Agree on a secure payment method that suits both parties, ensuring all financial terms are clear and documented.

    Coordinate Shipping: Organize the logistics, including packaging, shipping, and customs clearance, to ensure the coils are delivered as expected.

    Inspect Upon Arrival: Upon receiving the coils, inspect the shipment for quality and accuracy, addressing any discrepancies with the supplier immediately.


    8. What is the duplex 2205 price per kg per kg?

    Usually the approximate price is more than 5,100 US dollars/ton. The actual price will fluctuate based on exchange rates, market conditions, etc. For details, please contact us for a quote.

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